Editing with Adobe Lightroom

Editing with Adobe Lightroom is just as much a skill as taking a great photo but once you get the hang of it, it becomes extremely fun and satisfying. Everything you want to know about it can be found for free on Youtube. Tricks, tips, styles, the only thing you will not find is your own style. That takes time and a vision which only you have of what you want your work to look like.

If you do not already have Lightroom, you can find it here on Amazon in either a stand alone program or by a subscription to Adobe’s “Creative Cloud”.

Free Wallpaper

Do you like to change your devices wallpaper once in a while? We are gathering photos together specifically for you to do so. Right now, go to menu item “Free Wallpaper” to download this photo below.


Yosemite by Janet Martinez – Bass Lake, Ca

Janet Martinez Photography

People travel from all over the world to marvel at the beauty of Yosemite and it’s majestic monoliths. Men and women climb El Capitan, artists paint it, photographers shoot it and then some just stare in awe at the unbelievable grandness of it! I stood far back in the meadow beneath it and just breathed. It has powers that energize you and make you grateful to be alive. I never tire of the view.

License to Explore~ Cameron Park Lake, CA By Steph Gabler

Steph Gabler Photography

License to Explore

Life  has kept me and my camera separated, until today. My Valentines Day morning was spent with my love, my camera. Having a bit of “free” time to jump in the car with my camera was something that I have looked forward to for weeks!

I set my sites on Cameron Park Lake, in the center of Cameron Park, El Dorado County. During the “warm” months, there is a fee to get into the lake, but this time of year, it’s FREE!! 🙂

Cameron Park Lake

The trail around the lake is just over a  mile long, level, and an easy walk. I cannot begin to name all of the different birds on this lake! However, today I had my sites set on the swans Continue reading “License to Explore~ Cameron Park Lake, CA By Steph Gabler”