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By KellyHowellPhoto

Documentary photography is for everyone and for everything. It’s the type of photography that stirs up emotions and looks at life for what it really is. I know that “being in the moment” is hard when you already have an incredibly busy life, that’s why I came up with 5 reasons you should hire a documentary photographer.

Christmas light exploring at the Folsom Zoo.

1. You’re in the pictures!

After interviewing lots of parents about taking photos of their kids during the day or on vacations, the number one reason they hire a documentary photographer is to be in the photos. Parents want photos of them interacting with their children and playing with them. It’s the best part of their day.

2. You get to enjoy the event your hosting.

At my son’s 1st birthday party, I was so worried about getting a great photo of him, making food, getting drinks and making sure everyone was having a good time that I forgot to enjoy the party and be in the moment with him. I have vague memories of his first party, instead of worrying about all those things I should have just concentrated on him having a good time. Hiring a photographer for your event just gives you one less thing to fret about. I wish I would have done it.

Dad and son having fun at the park.

3. Your photo album includes the whole family.

I’m a huge fan of physically having photos. How many photos are just sitting on your computer or phone? How often do you look at them? If you’re anything like me it’s probably pretty rare. I have 1,389 photos on my phone and I have only looked at the recent 30 for the last couple of months. Have your photographer print an album of your session. Put it on your coffee table and look at it. You’ll be overjoyed to see that the entire album includes the entire family and it’s a great conversation starter when guests come over.

4. You forget to take pictures.

Like many parents, you are busy, very busy. You don’t have a lot time to learn how to take really amazing photographs that a professional can get. So hire one for vacations, for parties and for regular days. Anything really. The photos will be better quality and won’t be stuck on your phone.

Sisters being sisters.

5. You’re kids only get older, taller and funnier.

Your kids will never stop growing and your family will keep changing. I recommend getting your family photos taken every year, especially with the kids, because they change so rapidly. Soon they’ll be adults living on their own and your house won’t feel so empty if you have all those photos to look back on.

With that in mind, I’m looking to photograph lots of life events this year, such as but not limited to:

Birthday Parties
Military Homecomings
Adoptions (animal and human)
Family Reunions
Intimate Weddings
Showers (baby, wedding, etc.)
and any other important events.

Also, these types of sessions will get a significant discount on session fees. Please email me at kelly@kellyhowellphoto.com, if interested.

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