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Just in time for your Super Bowl soiree!

A friend of ours came up two weeks ago the night before our NFL Championship game day event. He showed up with a bag (24) and a few runaway oysters. “Where the heck did you get those?” I asked, he said he stopped at our local market to pick up some beers and there was a guy selling them from the back of his truck. This was his last bag, it was half off plus he threw in all the ones that were loose.

While not my personal favorite food by any means, barbecuing them was an awesome experience. As us non-cooks got the barbecue ready, Arlene (who loves to cook) went to work on a mignonette.

Tools required: Barbecue, oyster knife, non-melting glove, forks, mignonette, Tabasco sauce, lemon wedges and a cold beer or beverage of your choice 😉


Prepare a grill for medium-high heat. Scrub oysters. Place, cupped side down, on grate, cover grill, and grill until oysters begin to open, about 2 minutes.

Transfer opened oysters to a platter (discard any that do not open). Let cool slightly, then use an oyster knife or screwdriver to pry shells open, keeping cupped side down and retaining as much liquid as possible.

(We decided to eat them right off of the grill, Dave, (who brought them), would shuck them once they opened up a bit and then place them back on the grill. With a splash of home made mignonette, they were ready when the juice started to boil.

Using an oyster knife or paring knife, cut muscles connecting oysters to shells. Serve warm with butter, lemon wedges, and hot sauce.

Mignonette Recipe:

This is a variation of the recipe found at November Magazine issue of 2017.

Mignonette Math – A Primer

A classic mignonette made with red wine, vinegar, black pepper, and shallots  is good and all but we are inspired to change it up sometimes.

A Few Guidelines

1/4 cup acid

Red wine vinegar, Lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar, Champagne vinegar +

1/4 cup Finely Chopped Allium or Fruit

Shallots, Scallions, Apple   +

1/2 Tsp Black Pepper +



Pinch of Sugar, Finely Grated Ginger, Bonito flakes, A little toasted sesame oil



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