Laura Ashburn Photography

Laura Ashburn Photography
My story is similar to many other self-proclaimed nature photographers:my passion for photography is rooted in an initial love for the natural world.I grew up traveling to and exploring many iconic locations in the westernUnited States and through these ventures, I was able to cultivate a deep appreciation for these landscapes. Photography began as a way to capture these scenes as memoirs, but eventually transformed into a quest for artistically seizing moments frozen in time.

Photography both encourages and teaches you to see the world differently and is a rewarding platform that allows sharing your visions with others. Every sunrise and sunset is an opportunity and each adventure is in a way, a treasure hunt for a memorable photograph. My goal as a photographer is to keep pushing myself to get out and experience the world and document it in ways that provoke both the viewer and myself to experience deeper emotions and appreciation towards all the beauty on this planet. My photography is constantly evolving, and it is a journey that is not void of frustration or challenges. But these challenges are what inspire me to keep improving and learning. The camera is merely a light manipulating tool, but it is also a motivator that encourages me out of my comfort zone to explore in order to bring home images that represent these beautiful places.

I hope you appreciate my photographic efforts that I have to share and hope they also inspire you to get out and see the beautiful world around you. I’d like to personally thank you for taking the time to view my work and if you have any questions, comments, or are interested in prints, please contact me using the form on the Contact page.
Shingle Springs, Ca