Yosemite by Janet Martinez – Bass Lake, Ca

Janet Martinez Photography

People travel from all over the world to marvel at the beauty of Yosemite and it’s majestic monoliths. Men and women climb El Capitan, artists paint it, photographers shoot it and then some just stare in awe at the unbelievable grandness of it! I stood far back in the meadow beneath it and just breathed. It has powers that energize you and make you grateful to be alive. I never tire of the view.

“Every Exit up I-80” part II – Gold Run/Alta-Bonnynook – Gold Country Photography – Grass Valley, Ca

Gold Country Photography

In our initial episode Every Exit up I-80, issue one I left Colfax heading east and only made it as far as Dutch Flat but I had a great time there.

In this episode, I start the journey at Exit 143 Gold Run, went up to Exit 146 Alta Bonnynook Rd. and ended at Exit 148b Baxter.

So, let’s get started.

Heading east on Interstate 80 you often miss Exit 143 Gold Run, (especially if you are driving up from the Bay Area) because just past the Gold Run exit is the first “Rest Stop” on your way up the grade but I do not need the rest stop, at least not yet.

(the photo above is coming back west as I forgot to take this pic on the way up)

Stopping at the end of the exit, I see a uniquely old styled building off to the right.  Turns out to be a sports bar and grill  Mountain Springs Hitch n Post

As I am taking this shot, I look back across the road to see the Gold Run historical marker almost hidden behind a cyclone fence next to the freeway. Continue reading ““Every Exit up I-80” part II – Gold Run/Alta-Bonnynook – Gold Country Photography – Grass Valley, Ca”

Bay Nature Magazine

Congratulations to our member Robin Mayoff for his work in this article!

Robin Mayoff

Birding By Kayak at Big Break Regional Shoreline in the East Bay

by Victoria Schlesinger on January 02, 2018

looking north over Big Break
Looking northwest from the shore through tules and over Big Break toward the San Joaquin River. (Photo by Robin Mayoff, RHM Images)

Produced by Bay Nature for the East Bay Regional Park District

Strings of birds have been passing overhead for the past 40 minutes. There are wobbly lines of starlings, Brewer’s and tricolored blackbirds, all of them flying east toward the sliver of sun that’s pushing above the horizon. They’re commuting to the farmland in the Central Valley where they’ll feed for the day, and tonight they’ll come back here to the Delta to overnight in the tule marshes. The sky is still a diluted blue, and as the flocks fly they call to one another, a cacophony known as the “dawn chorus.”

Mike Moran is pointing out and naming the birds as we stroll toward the water’s edge. We’re getting ready for an early morning kayak trip to seek out some of the birds that live around Big Break Regional Shoreline, which sits at the edge of Oakley, a small bedroom city on the San Joaquin River. The park and region is a hot spot for birding, and I’ve been curious about watching birds from the water, from a different perspective. “You can see the Delta from the Delta’s point of view,” Moran says.

And then right over our heads sails a clump of dark-colored bodies with long curved bills.

“Those are ibis!” Moran whoops. “That’s crazy. White-faced ibis you see as you drive up Highway 99 north of Sacramento in all the rice fields. They’re lousy up there. But I’ve never seen a flock of them here.”

In fact, he says, this is the farthest west he’s ever sighted ibis. Moran’s been a naturalist with the East Bay Regional Park District for nearly 25 years and became supervising naturalist at the Big Break Visitor Center when it opened in 2012, so I make a note to look up where else white-faced ibis have been seen in the area. (That night I check eBird, a website where birders can record their sightings, and the last sizable flock of ibis noted at Big Break was in 2000.)

“Well, that’s the sighting of the day,” he says.

To continue reading -https://baynature.org/article/birding-kayak-big-break-regional-shoreline/

Visit Yosemite Madera County guide – Janet Martinez Photography – Bass Lake, Ca

Janet Martinez Directory Listing

“Just picked this up and so honored to have two of my photos make the 2018 Visit Yosemite Madera County guide! The cover photo was taken by my good friend, Darvin Atkeson, who has helped me along with my photography passion! ” – Janet Martinez

Below: My Winter Lace Image taken right after a fresh snowfall in Yosemite Valley.

Top right photo below was taken along Rd 222 next to Bass Lake when wildflowers lined the road.

Honored to be listed with these fine photographers!

To view the entire guide – Yosemite Madera County 2018 Visitors Guide