I’m going to Jackson…. by 11:Eleven Photography


Wildflowers. Gold Country. Road Trip. Have camera, will adventure… The night before we listened to the song Jackson by Johnny Cash & June Carter. My wife saw a picture on Gold Country Photographers. It was decided. We took our youngest daughter on a little road trip to Jackson to do a little wildflower photography, and adventure of course. I love it when a plan comes together, and this one came together nicely. Welcome to Electra Rd.

With the Mokelumne river on one side,  and hillsides covered in wildflowers on the other, it was a pretty amazing little spot. You can never go wrong with a river/wildflower combination.

Poppies, poppies, everywhere! All along the road were huge patches of poppies, which is never a bad thing. Large fields, rolling hills, all covered in beautiful wildflowers.

And of course a setting as beautiful as this makes for a great background a few portraits, and I happened to be lucky enough to have had a pair of beautiful subjects along for the adventure.


Bottom line, the answer to adventure is always yes. Anytime, anywhere. Never pass up a chance to explore. You never know where you’ll end up, or what you’ll see, and you just might be lucky enough to capture something beautiful.

Jason Scallin – 11:Eleven Photography



Three Lillies Photography – Photography Studio – Grass Valley, Ca

Three Lillies Photography by Lisa Jarvis

Located in the heart of historic Downtown Grass Valley, CA, Three Lilies Photography by Lisa Jarvis not only offers portrait photography for families, high school seniors, babies, and personal branding. Check out my website for examples of my work: https://threeliliesphoto.myportfolio.com/projects.

“I’m a wife, mom, dog lover and a former teacher. I feel so lucky to get to do what I love. I feel honored to create precious memories for you.”


“I like to keep things simple”
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Marcoccia Photography – Sonora, Ca.

http://marcoccia.photography  – Sonora, Ca.

about  bodey marcoccia – (pronounced: BOH-dee mar-KOH-chuh)

Since receiving my first DSLR camera in 2008, I’ve consistently enjoyed the persuit of photography. I live near Sonora, California with my wife and two sons.

I love landscape photography. Whether it’s Pacific beaches, Scottish plains, Eastern Sierra mountains, or any other number of breathtaking locations I’ve had the fortune of visiting, I always try to capture the one shot that can make someone else feel like they’re right there with me.

I’ve spent the last few years transitioning and building my skills as a portrait photographer, and I’d be glad to work with you to create printed memories that will last a lifetime.

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Tahoe is Sad – John Slot Photography

John Slot Photography

Hi everyone…Tahoe is sad. I want to go outside and play on my property. Dad says I get to muddy. Getting muddy is fun for Tahoe and Tucker. Can someone make it stop so I can play again. Dad won’t let us wrestle in the house, he yells at Tahoe sometimes…..but then I kiss and hug him and everything is better. Dad says if anyone wants pictures of their fur babies he is going to have his Spring Fur-Baby Photoshoot Specials. For only a few dog biscuits …. wait dad says $150 for photoshoot (45 minute shoot) and (1) 11×14 and (2) 8×10 prints included. This special will last until May 15th. Message for appointment or have your baby bark at me me and I’ll tell dad. I wuv my dad so much …. until next time Tahoe wuvs all of you too!



Black and White. by Jason Scallin-11:eleven Photography

  “Colour is everything, black and white is more.”-Dominic Rouse

I have fallen in love with the world in a black and white form. Not because I don’t appreciate color, or enjoy it’s beauty. But because I feel it is through the lack of color you see the true image. It’s structure. The lines. The details you might overlook had you been distracted by bright reds, or vibrant greens.   The patterns that make up the petal of a flower are intricate, beautiful, and amazing. The way a drop of water hangs in balance on the tip… The slight imperfections each tell a story. All details that are easily overlooked when hidden within the wonderful colors of nature. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the beautiful colors of our world, and think nature has done a perfect job of painting the scenery. I often shoot in color just for this reason. But in my newest gallery, I’m looking beyond the colors and enjoying the deeper beauty of nature, people, and things we see in our every day life, but maybe we’re not really seeing them….

So, join me as I travel into the world of black and white. Visit my newest gallery at 11:eleven Photography and see the beginning of this journey, and check back often as I continue to add more images from this adventure.

-Jason Scallin-11:eleven Photography



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License to Explore~ Mather Regional Park, Rancho Cordova, CA – Steph Gabler Photography

What better way to start the new year than with a new blog? My name is Steph Gabler, owner of Steph Gabler Photography.  I am titling my blog ” License to Explore” because that is exactly what my camera encourages me to do. I plan on sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of my adventures with my camera.

So, Day one…January 1, 2018. Today the weather in Northern California was perfect (if you like mid-60’s in January). My family and I jumped into my truck and headed west to explore a place I had heard of, but had never visited, Mather Regional Park. My goal, the variety of birds that call the pond home this time of the year.


The park is cute, but be warned THERE IS A $5 PARKING FEE!!!! First off I noticed this gentleman fishing, with Swans swimming in the background. Now, if you are not a “birder” you may not know that these Swans were not common around here until a few years ago, so seeing them is very exciting!  There is a gravel path around 3/4 of the pond, but it does appear that they are working on making the trail go all the way around.

First goal.. the Swans. I’m guessing 26 swans were enjoying this sunny morning.


Aren’t they beautiful? I might add, they are quite large as well.  As I was shooting the swan, I noticed that there was a pair of white Pelicans! Wait! What? Yes! Even though we are about an hour inland from the Pacific Ocean, we had a pair of Pelicans visiting.

Before I could make my way around the pond to get a closer shot of the Pelicans, I spotted a beautiful Great Blue Heron. I have never really gotten a good picture of these majestic birds, they are kinda jumpy. That’s ok… I like a challenge.

Like I said… they are kinda jumpy, but I did get to see him glide by me.

Just ahead, my goal, the Pelicans.  Clearly a mating pair, we enjoyed the male trying to  impress the female (who really could have cared less).  So here is what I saw….


Our bird count, Swans, Pelicans, Egrets, Cormorants, Coots, Great Blue Herons, Hawks, Grackles, Canada Goose, Mallard ducks, and Buffleheads. Not bad for a mileish walk around the pond.

I am going to create a rating system for all these adventure locations.  1-5 cameras

Mather Regional Park, Rancho Cordova, CA  gets 2/5 cameras. 

Steph Gabler Photography




Through my lens. Part 2 by Jason Scallin-11:eleven Photography


“If it fits in my lens, I’m going to shoot it.”

I drive past this nearly every day. It is a highlight of my commute. I look forward to seeing it. Not because it is especially beautiful, although when the sun is just right, it is a lovely view. I just love the solo tree, standing all alone. It doesn’t complain. It doesn’t make excuses. It doesn’t wish it were somewhere else, doing something different. It is not affected. It can rain buckets, the sun can beat down on it from sunrise to sunset. It can be freezing cold, and the wind could be blowing fiercely. And it just stands there, through it all, just being a tree. Doing what it is meant to do. Trees make good teachers. People should be more like trees…

-Jason Scallin, 11:eleven Photography & Artistic Services


Located along Hwy. 49, between Auburn and the Lake of the Pines area. If you’re in the area, see it for yourself. 😊 Or you can just go to my website and see this, and more beauty, from around the Gold Country.

Jason Scallin –  11eleven.shootproof.com/


Through my lens. Part 1 by Jason Scallin-11:eleven Photography

Life is a journey, dont forget to capture the moments along the way.”

One of my favorite things about photography is that I can share the beauty I capture with others. One of my favorite things about the Gold Country, is that there is so much to capture. Through my lens, will be an ongoing journey. I will share with you the beauty, my travels, my experiences.

I’ve been a traveler. A wanderer. And yes, there is beauty to be found in all corners of the world. Some places have beautiful forests, some have gorgeous rivers, or mountains. Some places the beauty is in the people that reside there, or the history that lies within it. In all my travels I have not found another place that has all these things in one place. The Gold Country, set in Northern California has all these things, and more, practically within arms reach of one another. I am currently in the “heart” of the Gold Country, Nevada County. And although I have tried to move away several times, it has a magical draw to it, and I just can’t stay away very long.  I don’t know if it’s the Tahoe National Forest that you can see all around it, the mighty Yuba River that runs through it, the snow capped Sierra Nevada’s that rise above it, or the wonderful, creative people that fill it. Come check it out. See for yourself. Enjoy the journey.

-Jason Scallin – 11:eleven Photography & Artistic Services

Check back here often, as I will be sharing the beauty of the area I call home, my travels, and things that catch my eye. You can also go to my website and view/purchase images I’ve captured along my journey. https://11eleven.shootproof.com/


Meet Robin Mayoff – RHMimages – Grass Valley, Ca

“My photography of landscapes, trains, old signs, bridges, and abandoned buildings started out with a focus on the San Francisco bay area. I moved to Grass Valley, California in the spring of 2016 and I am now developing my collection of Sierra Nevada Foothills photography.

My award winning photos have been published by the East Bay Regional Park District, Landscape Photography Magazine, Bay Nature, Bay Area Open Space Council, Huffington Post, California Department of Fish and Wildlife and Contra Costa Water District. My Nevada County work has been published in the California Visitors Guide and Santa Clara University Alumni Magazine”.



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Sierra Foothills





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Meet Jason Scallin – 11:Eleven Photography & Artistic Services – Grass Valley, Ca

https://11eleven.shootproof.com  facebook.com/1ELEVEN1/                  instagram.com/11eleven_photography/

I love photography because it gives one the ability to freeze a moment of time & preserve it. Being behind the camera is my happy place. Whether it’s on the street, exploring nature, portraits, or product photography… count me in.

What inspires you? What drives you? What lights that fire deep within your soul? What defines you? THAT is what I want to capture. Let’s capture that moment.

Photographer/artist, based in the heart of the gold country, Grass Valley, Ca. Available for all of your photography needs, portraits, family photos, pet photography, real estate, events, and product photography.


11eleven-photography-artistic-services / listing


Meet Lenka & Giovanni – Lenkaland Photography – Nevada City, Ca

www.lenkalandphotography.com  instagram.com/lenkalandphoto/  facebook.com/lenkalandphotography/


Hello! We are Lenka and Giovanni. We are a husband and wife team that loves documenting the little moments that make each and every day special. We photograph weddings, families, and landscapes in Nevada County. We have two children, a fluffy dog, and a black cat.

We find inspiration in nature, especially the forests around our home. Our children often join our adventures. We explore along the Yuba River and trails where we find treasures that could be a scenic vista, or a little rock the fits perfectly in the palm of our hands.


Bessie Young – Bessie Young Photography – Fresno, Ca

www.bessieyoungphotography.com  facebook.com/bessieyoungphotography/ instagram.com/bessieyoungphotography/                     Youtube.com/Bessieyoung

About Bessie Young

Hey Friend! Thank you so very much for stopping by and checking out my website. Here is a little about me, the girl behind the camera.

Most days you might find me on the couch, in my yoga pants, working on editing my photos with a big smile on my face and my Boston Terrier, Yota, by my side… but then again I am always ready for my next spontaneous adventure. I am a Photographer, Youtuber, Adventerer, and educator. I am a creative, a little too obsessed with coffee, and I absolutely love the outdoors.



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