Photo Pairing – Wagon Wheel by Stephanie Gabler Photography – Pollock Pines, Ca

Stephanie Gabler Photography

Photo Pairing is something we just invented here on Gold Country Photographers. To give you a more personal knowledge of our photographers, we will be pairing one of their photo’s with a favorite music video of theirs or a recipe or just about anything other than photography that they enjoy doing.

Our first pairing is by Stephanie Gabler, it is titled “Wagon Wheel”
Enjoy 😉


Meet Lenka & Giovanni – Lenkaland Photography – Nevada City, Ca


Hello! We are Lenka and Giovanni. We are a husband and wife team that loves documenting the little moments that make each and every day special. We photograph weddings, families, and landscapes in Nevada County. We have two children, a fluffy dog, and a black cat.

We find inspiration in nature, especially the forests around our home. Our children often join our adventures. We explore along the Yuba River and trails where we find treasures that could be a scenic vista, or a little rock the fits perfectly in the palm of our hands.