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about  bodey marcoccia – (pronounced: BOH-dee mar-KOH-chuh)

Since receiving my first DSLR camera in 2008, I’ve consistently enjoyed the persuit of photography. I live near Sonora, California with my wife and two sons.

I love landscape photography. Whether it’s Pacific beaches, Scottish plains, Eastern Sierra mountains, or any other number of breathtaking locations I’ve had the fortune of visiting, I always try to capture the one shot that can make someone else feel like they’re right there with me.

I’ve spent the last few years transitioning and building my skills as a portrait photographer, and I’d be glad to work with you to create printed memories that will last a lifetime.

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“Every Exit up I-80” – Before it Snows by John Boyle – Gold Country Photography

Gold Country Photography

Every Exit up I-80 episode III

Before it Snows

We ended the last episode at Baxter Exit 148b

Before the snows hit I was able to make it a few more exits, from exit 150 Drum-Forebay to exit 158a Emigrant Gap. So let’s get started!

Thankfully we are now getting snow but I think it will delay future episodes a bit (you cannot get very far in a two wheel drive vehicle once you get off the Interstate when there is snow) but while we were having a less than stelar winter, I took advantage.

The first exit, Exit 150 Drum-Forebay was the one out of all the exit names that had peaked my curiosity. Why? I don’t know, the name I guess. I thought I knew what a drum was but a forebay? Just sounds like it came before an afterbay ;). At the end of the exit ramp and to the right is a private association. This sign below kills me.

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